Solohaga Company Limited is a private owned company registered in Tanzania and established in 2009 to provide standard ICT Solutions, Plumbing materials and services in the three areas of Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises and Organizations (SME). Our team of highly skilled Technical persons has provided innovative solutions to our existing clients. This has helped build strong confidence to the customers in the services and solutions we offer.

We Innovate

Over the years we have become a symbol of the dynamic (rapid changes) in ICT and PLUMBING services. And also have become a partner in the growth and development of organizations / businesses.

We plan

We plan to achieve more of this through provisions of reliable technologies and innovative solutions. We have carried forward both the good practices and the standards thus for those who already know us, they should be HAPPY that we are still here for them


To be the one-stop efficient, most reliable and standard point for your Information and Communications Technology requirements and needs by provision and integration of multivendor technologies and building innovative solutions around them.

By offering solution through ‘Cutting Edge’ technology, providing relevant ancillary products, offering efficient propositions that enable speed of execution by developing employees and by being a responsible corporate in investing in the environment.

We operate as Technology driven global organization obsessed with customer needs, devoted to build lasting partnership and acting with integrity, honesty and spirit of co- operation with customers, suppliers and employers.


To be the number one World Class PLUMBING and I.T company in the provision of all Standard PLUMBING materials and ICT products, services and solutions in the short and long run by Developing Technical Depth, Enhancing resources reach and Infrastructure using the best management practices for operational excellence.

To offer sustainable solutions in steel and plastics, create value additions, driven by innovation, technology and efficiency for the construction and fabrication industry in East Africa.


New customers should expect plenty of PLUMBING services and ICT innovations, around systems they may already have or new systems that might help them improve on the way things are done. Also they should expect better services regarding; supplies, maintenance, support and so on. Solohaga Company Limited is unique because we do not only offer supplies, maintenance, support install / setup systems but we also fine–tune (customize) these services to our client’s needs, in order to provide operational, cost-effective and relevant solutions.

Business Goals/Objectives

Every revolutionary structure, every building, every bridge, every dam, every hospital begins with an idea. We understand the challenges you face and the high benchmarks you set for yourself in your pursuit of excellence. There for we are committed to bring new and innovative world class products that have the strength to turn all dreams and idea into reality.

We intend to make our clients get a return on their Information Technology investment by supplying, maintaining, supporting, developing, optimizing and customizing both existing and new ICT equipment’s and systems to deliver desired or enhanced results.